BS4 Retail

Do traffic counters respect customer’s privacy?

2018 December 5

Traffic counters are able to register number and demographics of customers that enter a retail store, but is the privacy of the visitors and staff protected? The answer is: yes.

How is privacy guaranteed?

There are few APC (automatic traffic counter) manufacturers that have a data protection certification and that therefore protect the privacy of all people passing through the shop: visitors, customers and staff.
BS4 has developed its traffic counters using a technology called "Audience-To-Text", able to detect visitors, count their number and identify their demographics without acquiring images and in complete anonymity thus respecting privacy.

So traffic counters are not a surveillance system?

No, our traffic counters are not a surveillance system and cannot be used for image recording, not even by developers. The privacy of customers and staff is a priority, along with that of providing an efficient system that enables for a well-informed organization of marketing campaigns and retail strategies.