BS4 Retail

Smart City Milan Porta Nuova


Company operating by Milan Porta Nuova

Critical task

  • Measuring the traffic of people entering the District
  • Evaluate the influx over time and the effectiveness of actions to bring more and more people
  • Present part of this data to renters to show results achieved and trends


Analysis and design of a custom solution for each location.
Identification of the number and type of sensors required based on:

  • what information you want to collect and in what detail
  • geometry and physical dimensions of the environments to be monitored
  • budget available


  • Measurement of visitor flow & demographics (gender, age group and ethnicity)
  • Behavioral and trend analysis
  • Awareness of potentially more profitable areas

Business opportunities

  • Possibility of reselling the data to those who rent the spaces
  • Generation of KPIs
  • Measuring the success of events or campaigns
  • Improving Return On Investment


  • Know-how and skills to create a digital platform that can be evolved in the future
  • Selection and integration of digital services in a single Data Lake
  • Monitoring of the perimeter of the District: measuring the flow of incoming / outgoing visitors and analyzing it for demographic data, groups, ...
  • Shops: number of people passing by the windows and number of people entering the shop
  • Main focus areas: Monitoring to improve understanding of visitor behavior and performance analysis
  • Contribution to the creation of the BI platform to correlate and analyze the entire dataset from different solutions
  • Maintenance and consulting services to analyze the collected data and improve the solution over time

More information

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