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Covid Solutions

Virus problem

The arrival of the COVID-19 virus and its rapid spread have caught us totally unprepared and the reaction of the health emergency has had on our life and commercial activities is well known to all.

Now we must not be caught again unprepared for the restart.
On the occasion of the reopening of the shops, we will have to effectively combine compliance with national regulations and the desire to go back to running and make a deal.

Shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, banks, museums, car dealers, stations, public transport, offices, pharmacies ... wherever people transit or there is the possibility of gatherings it is strategic to entrust the control to artificial intelligence devices .

BS4 Solutions

To meet these needs, BS4 has expanded its offer with a series of smart solutions, which can be a valuable tool to facilitate the reopening of public businesses in compliance with the "new normal" in which we will have to live.

Technology allows us to relieve employees of supervision and above all to preserve their health and that of customers.
Reconciling business and health will no longer be a problem with BS4 solutions.

We present our three solutions for your business:

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