IPC is Data Protection certified

BS4 Retail

Real Count
With IPC you not only know the total traffic figures,
but also the demographic profiles, such as gender, age and ethnic group
excluding employees from counting
Conversion Rate
The effectiveness of a location is its capability to exploit
the available potential and to convert it into sales
Path Tracking
Imagine knowing every single step taken in your store to a degree
where you can setup store experiences based on actionable predictions.
Digital Signage
A frequent topic in customer analysis is the need to measure the interest of the visitors
for products and for in-store communication, which will provide insight to the level of attention given.

Innovative retail solutions for business

  • Reliable customer insight is the key requirement for an effective marketing strategy.
  • Strong competition in retail forces the enterprises to continuously improve the customer experience in their own stores.
  • Our main objective for IPC is to provide you with reliable and accurate data about your clients.

Installations worldwide

Installations worldwide