BS4 Retail


Data Protection Certification in accordance with the requirements ISDP 10003:2020

BS4 SA has obtained certification data protection in accordance with ISDP 10003:2020 requirements. The certification was issued by a body accredited by ACCREDIA for the solutions listed below and described: Following a Document and Field Audit, the IPC Solution was considered to comply with the requirements of D.LGS. 196/03 GDPR 2016/679.

IPC Solution - Audience-To-Text Feature

Audience-To-Text functionality can detect, through the installation of one or more sensors connected to a computing unit, the passage of one or more people without image capture in areas of predetermined interest that can be it inputs, gates, or even display corners, transforming the information about the transit into anonymous data to get statistics about people counting for marketing purposes.

IPC Solution - RealCount Feature

The RealCount functionality is intended only to count anonymously the access of the only customer to a commercial operation open to the public, excluding from the counts the transits made by individuals defined as "not relevant" to this end (eg employee, agents, suppliers etc etc).

IPC Solution - DualView Feature

DualView functionality allows anonymous people tracking; detected paths are categorized by demographic typologies (data from Audience-To-Text) excluding paths of not relevant individuals (data from RealCount).

IPC Solution - Dense Feature

Dense functionality allows to count incoming and outgoing transits of any individual that crosses a monitored access and to compute in real-time the number of person inside the building or a room; the purpose is to provide the occupancy value that can be used to permit or prevent the access according to a predefined threshold.