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Interactive Shopping Assistant

ISA Interactive Shopping Assistant

ISA is a ready-to-run Shop Experience and Proximity Marketing solution

The solution consists of a totem; it is a virtual personal shopper that assists the customer in preparing a wish list. The wish list is defined on the basis of the customer’s gender and age and can be replicated on the customer’s smartphone. The interaction is completely anonymous, until the customer decides to order the goods on the wish list.

The solution can communicate with e-Commerce systems and with the most common management applications; it allows the user to order merchandise listed on the wish list that is in the physical store as well as the items not available in the store at the moment of the order.

Benefits for the Retailer

  • Reduction of customer engagement costs, increased support and customer experience improvement in the sales phase with an innovative virtual sales assistant.
  • Completion of the sale even in the case of missing stock, leading to an increase of customer loyalty.
  • The possibility to create a custom corner in a multi brand store or in public areas (airports, stations, etc.) and to make targeted offers by using the customer’s segmentation data (gender and age).

Benefits for the Customer

  • ISA automatically proposes a choice of products which are selected on the basis of the customer’s demographic profile (gender, ethnicity, age range).
  • With easy and intuitive steps ISA supports the customer in the preparation of his/her product list –the wish list - and also provides the customer with a code that enables him/her to replicate the application on a smartphone.
  • Thanks to integration with the e-commerce systems, the customer can receive the wish list products, whether or not available in store, comfortably at home.