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Traffic counters and demographics of customers

2018 November 26

In our last article Traffic counters customers flows we explained how traffic counters provide precise data regarding the number of visitors to a retail store, but it’s also important to know that customer tracking technologies can also provide data regarding the demographics of the visitors to a given store, without infringing any privacy issues, as explained in this article Certification data protection.

What are customer demographics for?

Visitor demographics can help us get to know our average customer. Although this information may not seem very useful, it is actually really important for the correct planning of effective marketing campaigns. Just think of the different approach needed for an advertising campaign aimed at teenagers from one aimed at senior citizens.

What is the importance of demographic data?

The classification and categorization of customers based on the demographics (gender, age and ethnicity) can radically change the choice of the retail strategy that needs to be adopted in order to obtain the best conversion rate and thus ensure good selling efficiency. One could of course, manually record data in order to obtain correct data on demographics but traffic counters are definitely a more efficient method.
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