BS4 Retail

The possibilities of traffic counters to analyse flows

2018 November 14

One of the main point for an efficient retail store is to know its visitors and the possible customers. The choice of many famous companies to organize a good retail strategy is to use traffic counters

How can traffic counters be used?

Through the use of people counting technologies, it is possible to have a precise analysis of the number of visitors. For large store chains, this means knowing which stores have the most inflow, the most revenue opportunities, and in general a higher attraction power of the store. For small retails, flows Traffic Counter analysis means a clear view of the number of visitors, from which we can obtain statistics on the historical trend over time and data on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

What can we obtain from the analysis of customer flows?

The precise knowledge of the flow of visitors highlights trends, patterns and abnormalities otherwise difficult to identify, e.g. in relation to weather conditions, and can help us to plan small expenses with a high rate of ROT (return on investment), to plan opening times of our store or in general to enhance business performances.
The possibilities of people counting technologies are limited only by imagination, but for some suggestion, please visit our dedicated page Intelligent Traffic Counter BS4: What can IPC do