IoTransport - BS4 SA


On-board Traffic Control

Traffic measurement on public transport and at stations


  • Measurement of passengers boarding and alighting from vehicles
  • Calculation in real time of the number of people on board


  • People counter sensors specifically created for the transportation
  • One sensor per door

The solution can also be adopted to monitor:
  • Stations: flow control, anomaly detection, digital communications
  • Ticket offices: queue analysis and management
  • Waiting rooms: counting, waiting times measurement and social distance check
  • Platforms and bus stops: waiting times, information for users

Distinctive features of the sensors

  • Counting accuracy up to 99%:
    accurate counting even in crowded situations,
    algorithm only counts people transits,
    Not subject to external influences, such as shadows, light changes and heat emissions.
  • Robust industrial design: specially created for the transportation
  • Wide angle: possibility to monitor access doors even in case of low mounting height or wide passages
  • Real-time analysis: the whole processing is performed on the sensor itself
  • Local data storage to handle momentary network failure
  • Plug-and-play: quick and easy to install
  • Waterproof and rugged Aluminum housing, glass covered lenses and industrial M12 connectors.
  • Sensor designed to withstand vibration, shock and wide temperature variations
  • It can be integrated and connected easily in any IT infrastructure (API, data push, events)
  • Sensor can be controllable and upgradeable by remote

Data visualization and analysis

On top of the sensors, BS4 offers data visualization and analysis tools, as well as know-how and experience gained from more than 10 years of use of these technologies
  • Real-time visualization of the filling level of vehicles, wagons or buildings
  • Analysis of historical data to know and optimize the flows

Privacy compliant

  • The sensors and the solution ensure compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • The solution collects only anonymous counting data
  • The system does not store any data deemed sensitive for the Data Protection Regulation
  • None of the textual data produced is in any way attributable to the identity of the people passing through

Compliance with European standards:
  • EN 50155 / IEC 60571 Railway applications / Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • EN 61373 Railway applications / Shock and vibration tests for rolling stock
  • EN 45545-2 Railway applications / Fire protection for railway vehicles Part 2: Requirements for the fire behavior of materials and components
  • UN ECE R118 Uniform technical requirements relating to the combustion behavior and / or the ability to reject fuels or lubricants of materials used in the manufacture of certain categories of motor vehicles


  • Insight and supervision of people flow
  • Management of vehicle accesses
  • Real-time messages and services to the end-users
  • COVID-19 prevention
  • Improvement of safety and hygiene procedures