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AI-powered People Counter
Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity
Accurate and feature-packed
In order to measure the performance of your business, key aspects to consider are customer turnout and potential customer traffic: number of people by type, time slots, days of the week and periods of the year.

It’s not always possible to delegate to employees the collection of reliable and easy to share data. It is even more difficult to analyze and make data-driven decisions to optimize business.

A people counter device is the answer, but you’re probably wondering:
  • Who can I contact?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will the installation be invasive? How long will it take?
  • How will I be able to see and analyze the data?
  • Will I be able to rely on service maintenance and consultancy regarding the data?
  • Will I be able to understand if the type of customer corresponds to the target I envisaged?
  • How will the “back and forth” of employees effect the data?
  • How many people pass by my store and how many stop to look at my store window?
  • Will I be able to use the same system to visualize, in real time, the number of people present in the store and therefore regulate store access on the basis of the store’s capacity?
  • Will I be able to make decisions on the basis of the data collected and improve my business?

BS4's EasyCounter solution will satisfy all your needs.

Collected Data and KPIs

  • Total number of entrances per day, per hour and per quarter of an hour
  • Analysis of groups (n. of single people, n. of couples, groups of three, groups of four etc.…)
  • Demographics: gender and age group
  • Exclusion of “back and forth” of employees
  • Average per hour and per day of the week
  • Monthly and annual trends and comparisons
  • Average time spent in the store
  • Store attendance time slot average (occupancy)
  • Maximum and minimum number of persons at the same time in the store
  • Real-time store attendance to permit access management
  • In the case of reaching maximum capacity: average waiting time before being granted access
  • Comparison between stores
  • Forecasting analysis
  • Configurable allarms
  • Various data exportation possibilities (excel, pdf, ppt)

Data View and Analysis

Web page

Analytics & BI Portal

App for Smartphone

(Android and iOS)

Daily reports

sent by email

Innovative Technology, compact and for any environment

Real-time, edge computing
Deep Learning algorithms
Indoor and Outdoor IP67 certificate

Easy and fast Activation

  1. Agree to a day for activation in the store
  2. Our technician will install the sensor and test that it works correctly
  3. Consult the data on your computer or smartphone
  • It is not necessary to lay cables throughout the store or carry out invasive actions
  • It is sufficient to connect the sensor to the nearest electrical point
  • The standalone sensor: choose 4G in order to keep it separate from the stores’ network

Privacy compliant

The solution only counts the transit of people that pass under the sensor in real time.
Images and personal data are not recorded.
The solution has been certified according to the new European GDPR regulations.

Discover our certifications

EU AI Act Compliant

“I already have a people counter solution at the entrance, but I’d like to do more….”

Not only entrances


Install EasyCounter in the store window to see how many people pass by

Measure the outdoor traffic


Install EasyCounter on the passageway that leads to the second floor or to another store area

Find out your customer journey


Install EasyCounter in the frame of a monitor or in a totem

Show images based on the audience you have, count those who pass on by and those who have engaged

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EasyCounter will give you the edge that will make all the difference.

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