BS4 Retail

Safety technology

2019 January 14

Safety in commercial areas is always a priority and it is necessary to have precise information on safe level of occupancy in particular to comply with fire regulations. In this way it is also possible to make smarter decisions for investments in security.

BS4 technologies

As we already mentioned BS4 technologies are not surveillance systems, because they do not produce images, but only data in the form of text. However, it is possible to improve the security of the commercial areas through our products, thanks to information on the occupancy of the store and the individual areas. Through the data on safe level of occupancy, crossed with the data on the current occupancy of the premises, it is possible to always have the complete safety of customers and staff. In case the maximum occupancy is exceeded, smarter decisions can be made for the expansion of the premises, also in relation to sales, so as to have a better conversion rate and an optimal return on investment.

However, these are just some of the advantages that BS4 technology offers compared to a normal traffic counters. Here you can learn more about the business opportunities we offer.