BS4 Retail

Automatic Traffic Counter: history of the BS4 project

2018 December 28

During the SMAU 2010 fair, IMB presented the first BS4 smart people counting technology project: an intelligent APC (Automatic Traffic Counter), capable of detecting the age, gender and ethnicity of customers through a device inserted in a showroom manikin. During the same fair, a totem with personalized and interactive digital signage was presented for the first time to the market, thanks to BS4 technologies. See the video here of the first Automatic Traffic Counter.

APC: Automatic Traffic Counter

The first project of APC (Automatic Traffic Counter) already provided in the beginning of its history, in 2010, an advanced technology for counting and analyzing customers, their time spent and the interest shown. It could be installed inside mannequins or in different areas of the store, and it was developed specifically for the fashion sector. Since then our systems have been improved to provide more readable data and different solutions. Today BS4 has broadened its horizons to respond to customers’ requests in many other areas as well: Purchasing Customer Classifier - PCC, Interactive Shopping Assistant – ISA.

Customization of Digital Signage totems

Among the applications of the first BS4 technologies it was also important the use for customizing images on digital signage totems, thanks to which a gamification process was already possible in 2010. Today, after several years of corporate history, the applications of our smart traffic counters are varied, along with the Business opportunities they can provide.