BS4 Retail

Traffic counters revolutionize retail marketing

2018 July 15

The retail sector is still today the most important point of contact between the company and the consumer, which has always been the industrial sales terminal for the most physical part of its market. Despite the digital and the network are, unequivocally, creating and educating a new generation of consumers, ready with feedback and review to measure the success of a product, the needs of retail marketing continue to evolve. The consumption figures of the last 2 years show that consumers still appreciate the store but require the brand to offer a series of stimuli and proposals that maintain the "feedback experience" typical of the e-commerce market. A shop that does not know how to communicate will remain sadly empty.

The customer wants to be "amazed", shopping is fun today an activity to be practiced either alone or in a moment of social sharing.

Companies need to create incentives appropriate to their customers, the data collected with the most modern systems of people counting allow companies to create dedicated entertainment services and focused on the targets detected.

The need to offer the right emotional experience with entertainment services in the places of purchase, becomes an important lever to stimulate companies to adopt advanced measurement systems that are able to segment customers in a precise and timely manner.

The people counting systems and the customer inflow monitoring technologies are a solid basis for deep and detailed analysis as they provide information on conversion rates, on the routes and time spent by consumers during shopping. Thanks to more precise information, we not only have the possibility to have a complete profile of our customers, but we are also able to identify the margins for improvement for our business.

In conclusion the people counting systems and the data they can provide are the first "revolution" tool for the new retail market, pushing the commercial offer to be enriched with wider contents that increase the perceived value of the product.

BS4, specialized in the production of people counting systems , is a leader in the creation of innovative marketing-oriented products for GDO and RETAIL.