BS4 Retail

Traffic counters for shops: are they useful for marketing?

2018 June 20

In the last 20 years, the retail market has experienced the transformation of the consumer from the simple terminal of sale to processing component of the final product and its marketing dynamics.

The need to know the attitude and interests of consumers has become increasingly a priority and access to customer behavior data is a pressing need to measure and verify business trends. Sales data and consumer behavior must be periodically verified by reading precise and consistent measurements.

Starting from the marketing, passing through the whole management of the company, the work on the data collected with the person counting should be concretely integrated into the daily life of the company becoming a part essential to the operational process.

For companies focused on retail, tools such as the latest generation counts can represent a real revolution in retail marketing, observe and monitor in full anonymity customer behavior helps maximize profits by concentrating costs.

The collected data are used to generate profiled heatmaps and analyze the flows of movement within the store or in specific commercial areas. By verifying consumers' response through the use of the most modern people counting solutions, marketing can measure the outcome of sales and campaigns the interest of the market towards the new products presented. Furthermore the information obtained from the devices people counting can be integrated with other company data.

To date, companies that rely heavily on retail need to have a tool traffic counters to certify the progress of the business based on what is planned by your office marketing or, for example, how good a store is performing compared to other stores, which is the potential store traffic, how to improve the layout of goods on the commercial surface and how to optimize the staff in the store.