BS4 Retail

Traffic counters: wrong numbers never again!

2019 January 7

How many times do ordinary traffic counters give totally unrealistic numbers? How many times does the passage count include the staff? And which do not take into account demographics to exclude children from the actual number? The actual number of customers can be very different from what is calculated from a normal traffic counter: here is the difference with BS4 technologies.

What is smart technology?

Thanks to BS4 technologies, it is possible to have a precise and uncontaminated count of the number of customers, through the exclusion of the staff and the analysis of the demographics of the people who pass by. It is thus possible to exclude children from counting, to know the grouping of customers, to count as a single customer couples or families, for example in a car dealership.

How does smart counting work?

Depending on the needs of the individual business, it is possible to subtract from the number of passers-by all the irrelevant steps, so as to have real data on the number of customers. Staff and demographic data are among the main usable factors. To learn more, see here the BS4 Intelligent Traffic Counter solution.