BS4 Retail

The importance of data collection

2020 January 23

Data collection in online stores as well as offline or physical ones is essential for the growth of the business and for the correct addressing of resources and energies. Whether we are talking about collecting personal data such as name, surname and interests or about habits and trends passing through your physical store or time spent in front of the shop window, data collection is fundamental.
The use of this data favors both the client and the owner of the business in various ways and consequently must be a standard for the growth of the commercial activity.

What data to collect and how

A lot of data can be collected online. For example, you can interact with a visitor on your page with a prompt to sign up for a newsletter, save the movements on the site such as the products viewed or articles read to create a personalized profile for each visitor. Other ways to collect data online include forms to be filled in with personal preferences or features or through "contests" and "giveaways" with which you can collect online identities.
In physical retail stores it is just as easy to collect data about your customers using IPC People Counter, PCC Purchasing Customer Classifier and ISA Interactive Shopping Assistant in combination.