BS4 Retail

Heatmaps and customers’ behaviour in retail stores

2018 December 17

The people counting systems, by the analysis of a customer’s behaviour can generate a chart which is particularly useful for a retail store: heatmaps, which outline hot and cold spots of the store on a map. contapersone BS4.

How are hot and cold spot maps formed?

The system creates the heatmap according to customers’ behaviour in the store: the spots where there are generally less people transiting remain cold spots, whilst the areas where there is more activity and the transit of people is more frequent, are the hot spots.

Possible uses of heatmaps

Understanding how customers move in our retail store is the main advantage of heatmaps. Thanks to these maps it is possible to easily organize an effective retail strategy: in the hot spots of the store you can place information you want customers to have, or a member of the staff to help increase the conversion rate. A clear overview of customers’ behaviour makes it is easier to meet his/her expectations and thus build a better in-store experience.
The possibilities offered by traffic counters don’t end here: to discover all the possible uses, please visit the page What can IPC do – BS4.