BS4 Retail

Traffic retail analytics to plan marketing campaigns

2019 October 2

At the key moments of the year, the Return on Investment of marketing campaigns can greatly increase by using and analyzing traffic data on hourly, daily and weekly. The use of these information in the advertising planning and merchandising program can bring a big contribution to the progress of the campaigns themselves. With the increase in the importance of marketing on social networks, it is possible to analyze the progress of campaigns, the profitability of flash sales and promoted products also in terms of in-store traffic.

How to improve marketing campaigns?

Retailers can be prepared to tackle customer peaks to increase conversions and ATS thanks to data collected by BS4 technologies. They can aligning marketing activities with peak moments, or vice versa with periods of less frequentation to maintain a higher average sales rate throughout the year. Simply measuring the increase in traffic following a marketing campaign can help retailers improve campaigns over time and make them as profitable as possible.