BS4 Retail

Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail in the Age of Instinct

2021 February 15

The global pandemic, changing consumer expectations and concerns about sustainability are redefining the consumer goods and retail landscape. We explore how companies in the retail and retail sector need to connect, predict and adapt. The use of AI as a way to be successful in this changing world, moving from managing supply chains to creating supply brains.

1. Optimized reality

Consumer and retail companies will use digital data and technologies to personalize experiences, services, products and promotions for the individual and move from maximizing supply chains to personalizing demand chains.

2. Ethical impact

In a world where consumers demand an ethics-based approach from the brands they interact with, manufacturers and retailers of consumer products will encourage healthier choices and uphold shared values ​​across supply chains, moving from growth at any cost. to inclusive prosperity.

3. Planning the whole system

Changing consumer expectations, environmental emergencies and threats to global health will force retail and retail companies to move from linear manufacturing to regenerative and circular economies.

4. The instinctive enterprise

To navigate these macro trends, companies need to become instinctive enterprises - next-generation companies that connect, predict and adapt quickly, putting data at the center and incorporating AI into everything.

a. Connect

Create connected ecosystems to break down barriers and embrace external partnerships.

b. Predict

Generate predictive insights by leveraging volumes of data and adopting advanced technologies.

c. Adapt

Cultivating an adaptive workforce of men and machines aligned around a common purpose: the customer.