BS4 Retail

The advantages of Path Prediction in Retail

2019 December 6

Nowadays it is more and more difficult to manage retail stores and optimize them for greater yield, especially if the store is new it will have to refine techniques to optimize costs in the retail sphere.
The most important data to analyze in order to be successful are the path and the number of customers in your shop at specific times, without this information, personnel management, opening and closing times and positioning of the structures inside the store are only approximate.

Use BS4 People Counter IPC to make accurate decisions

With the use of BS4 and IPC people counting technology it’s possible to predict where people will move in the future, at what times and in what volumes.
With this precise information it’s possible to generate reliable programs that guarantee savings on personnel, the opportunity to make the most of the available space, to carefully choose the ideal opening and closing times and precisely define all the points of interest to develop.
Once the information from Contapersone IPC has been collected, it is possible to optimize your retail store by reducing costs and maximizing yields.