BS4 Retail

Traffic retail analytics to drive store productivity

2019 June 19

Building a better in-store experience for customers have great importance to improve sales performance. We have already explained how improving the customer experience of a retail store, but what does an optimal experience mean in practice?

An excellent customer experience normally leads to a higher conversion rate, which makes the commercial space more productive. You can even drive and increase the ATS rate (Average Transaction Size) and the SPS rate (Sales per Shopper, the average number of products purchased).

How can sales rates be manipulated?

Thanks to the prior knowledge of the traffic and sales trend in the store, it will be possible to be prepared in the best way as soon as the request arrives. For this reason, thanks to the data collected, we can better structure our commercial offer to optimize sales. In particular, it will be possible to respond in the best way, for example, during times when traffic peaks occur. This is only one of the reasons why BS4 technologies have one of the highest Return on Investment.