BS4 Retail

Traffic retail analytics to improve work planning

2019 July 16

Optimizing working hours is an important part of managing a store, which can also have a strong impact on the performance of the business. It is important to ensure that every staff member is exactly in the right place when the greatest number of sales opportunities are expected. Even the number of employees is often left to chance or intuition, but it is another important factor that must be carefully planned, as it often represents one of the biggest expense factors of a store.

How do you improve your work planning?

The Shopper-to-Associate Ratio (StAR), or the relationship between the number of customers and the number of employees in a store, is an index that measures the right number of staff for each type of store and during working hours. Thanks to the data collected and processed by BS4 technologies, it is possible to make a perfect match between staff and customers, in order to always have the optimal StAR. Having the right number of staff helps not only to reduce spending, but also to respond to sales opportunities given by visitor traffic. Moreover, thanks to the analysis of the data, it will be possible to plan the break times of the sales staff to match them with moments of lower attendance.