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The most popular people counting models

2018 July 31

The evolution of an instrument is directly proportional to the use made of it and obviously to the growing demand of the market. In the last twenty years the needs of companies have been to measure in more detail the market responses to the products offered. Registering the number of people who access the retail areas, is one of the first information companies try to analyze product trends. Sales are not always enough to determine the success of a product or product line.

Today the market offers a wide range of solutions designed for access counting, from integrated systems in anti-shoplifting portals to the most sophisticated digital detection systems.

Currently, the choices of companies are directed towards products and solutions traffic counters that are able to detect very large areas using ceiling positioning. Using a detection cone, allows to determine the customer routes and stays in certain areas, these data are very important to understand the interest and the attention that customers reserve for what is proposed. The tendency is to initially detect access volumes, stays and behaviors and then focus on gender data.

Following the detection of traffic volumes, the need to identify men and women and age groups intervened to segment the types of offers for customers in a timely manner. Coupling models of traffic counters that detect volumes together with systems that can deepen a detail of gender are the choices that many companies and retail chains are doing to improve the collection of information.

To date we can not define the most used type of traffic counters, but we can definitely determine that it is the set of many detection tools to be the winning choice to do to detect all data that will be useful to the retail and marketing areas of companies.