BS4 Retail

Traffic retail analytics to improve the organization of spaces

2019 September 12

The organization of retail store spaces can have a big impact on sales performance. The customer wants to find what he is looking for, but at the same time the market needs require that the most requested objects are in a strategic position to ensure that visitors spend as much time as possible in the store. Despite this general rule, however, stores are often badly organized and they risk to tire the customer, or not to allow him enough time to buy more. Store layouts can be designed to maximize traffic in the points of greatest interest and to improve the flow of people without creating bottlenecks. Thanks to a wise organization, it is possible to make the available space as profitable as possible.

How to optimize the organization of spaces?

Store layouts can be tested and fine-tuned through data collected from BS4 technologies, which are then organized in convenient heatmaps. These are maps of hot and cold points, i.e. more or less frequented areas of the store. In addition, data will also be available with filters based on different demographic aspects, such as the age range or gender of customers. Through these information the store can always have the best organization possible.