BS4 Retail

IPC in the Casinos

2019 December 30

Casinos and environments dedicated to mass gaming in general are often crowded and potentially very profitable if the people's interest is successfully converted into interaction with the gaming infrastructure.
Making investment decisions in this sector can be very complicated and equally risky given the large amount of investment required to have a sufficiently high return margin.
For this last reason it is important to implement People Counting technologies to monitor traffic and customer flows within the structure and around points of interest.

People counter IPC favors the chances of success

BS4 IPC people counter is a unique solution to this problem, with the precision of the people counting and an analysis of the passage flows and creation of heat maps in the points of greatest traffic it is possible to determine which parts of the Casino and playing area have the most potential for growth and where the investment you want to make will yield more.
The information provided by the IPC people counter includes the volume of people in certain parts of the infrastructure at certain times.
With this information, in addition to encouraging investment planning, you can save on personnel and make sure you have sufficient security at all times.