BS4 Retail

Traffic retail analytics to increase the sales rate per customer

2019 July 30

Analysing data from BS4 technologies can improve the customer experience and optimize working time, but can also easily increase store earnings. However, now we want to illustrate another advantage of traffic retail analytics to improve the performance of a commercial space.
We've already talked about ATS and SPS (read the article drive a store's productivity to learn more). In short, it's about how much each customer spends on average. Increasing average spend is obviously an excellent business opportunity, and with the analysis of smart people counter data, the store manager is in an advantageous position.

How to increase sales per customer?

With an effective retail strategy. But how to get it? A store with clear instructions on traffic trends can choose the best time to launch advertising campaigns or sales initiatives, discounts and much more. For example, through the analysis of in-store customer behavior, is possible to analyse the commercial benefits of further staff training or marketing campaigns aimed at a certain type of customer. Moreover, thanks to BS4 technologies it is possible to find out the average customer profile and his habits, so that he can suggest him every time a product with good sales probability.