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People Social Distancing Check

Tracking and people counting sensors are at their peak in terms of performance and reliability.
BS4 is one the most recognized companies that operate in the people counting and people tracking solution on the market, with 1000+ installations worldwide.

3D tracking system and sensors can be used to measure the interpersonal distance according to Regulation and to avoid mass gatherings, this is one of the main technology to invest on if retailers or food companies want to re-open their stores in the next future.

When thinking about people counting system, probably you’re thinking about a flat data set that show you how many visitors entered your «commercial space».
Underneath this easy function lays a world of data and analysis that could be used to provide information in real time not only to your marketing and sales department, but even to a wider range of audience.
What if you could give to your customer real-time sound message such as: “Your health is important to us. Please keep at least 1 meter distance in the CASUAL area, thanks for your collaboration”.

The sensors and the architecture are reliable and privacy proven.
In addition, once setup the solution for Social Distancing Check, you get additional In-Store Analytics information, such as: customers’ paths, heatmap, dwell times per area, total visits time per store or per floor; and any data can be clustered and filtered by Gender and Age Group.

Based on the specific report, all the company that will fight against this pandemic with specific innovative tech solution, will receive funds in return, if applied.


Retail, Food Courts, Shopping Malls, Restaurant, Events, Company Canteens, Museums, Office...

Our approach

  • Measurement:
    Overall store monitoring with ceiling-mounted people counter sensors
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    Computing person-to-person distance and check that minimum value is respected
  • Integration & Communication:
    Real-time signaling in case of distances below threshold