BS4 Retail

Install analysis systems and resell data


Owner of a commercial area under construction who wants to install analysis technology to resell data to future tenants.

Critical task

Provide total coverage over a large area and a modular analysis system to manage dozens of devices and users.


Development of ad hoc software and system of capillary zone system.
BS4 Technology used: Intelligent People Counter - IPC People Counter


  • Knowledge of possible profits, of the most frequented areas and better quotation of spaces
  • Profit from data sale
  • Precise data on the progress of all future stores in the shopping center

Business opportunities

Greater awareness of the value of individual commercial spaces for maximum profits, and re-sale of data to individual operators to cushion cost and improve their business performances.


Surface to be covered: 45,000 square meters
Number of devices per floor: About 30
Plans to cover: 3
Forecast on the number of weekly visitors: 50000
Additional features: Data analysis platform with about 120 users, each with different visibility permissions

The owner of a commercial area decided to install BS4 technologies in the construction phase, envisioning a high Return on Investment rate.
Thanks to the data collected by the devices it is possible to obtain a precise quotation of the commercial spaces and a suggestion on the reasons behind the greater or lesser attendance of certain areas of the commercial area.
In addition to this, the investment will also give profits from the first day of rental of the commercial spaces, as the data from the detectors will be sold to the renters of the spaces.
For this, it was necessary to develop a data visualization software capable of managing more than 100 users, each with different viewing permissions.
For example: space user 43 can only see data on the inside and outside of his space, while area analysts have access to all data from all detectors.
In this way it is expected immediately to amortize the expense and subsequently to have higher revenues.

More information

For more information on the application of BS4 technologies for commercial area owners, contact us or visit the dedicated page.