BS4 Retail

Providing the customer a better experience


Company of Mass Market Retail wants to improve the customer experience through specialized personnel and the use of customized digital signage totems.

Critical task

Understand the customer profile and customize messages on digital signage totems.


Analysis of the demographics of incoming customers and integration with digital signage totem software.
BS4 Technologies used: Intelligent People Counter - IPC People Counter and Interactive Shopping Assistant - ISA


  • Better conversion rate between inputs and sales
  • Improved customer experience
  • General increase in profits
  • Optimization of staff work

Business opportunities

General increase in profit in a direct and indirect way: more sales, more time spent in the supermarket and better customer experience.


Increase of time spent in the supermarket: 12%
Improvement of the input-sales conversion rate: 6%
Increase in profits: 9%

A big Mass Market Retail company has decided to invest in personalized digital signage totems.
Thanks to the recognition of demography, without invading privacy, it was possible to reproduce at each input different images and sounds depending on the age group, gender and ethnicity of the client.
Thanks to this campaign, the supermarket has achieved a good increase in profits.

More information

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