BS4 Retail

Digital signage to increase visibility


Retail store company that has decided to increase its presence and visibility through the installation of a customized digital signage totem in an airport.

Critical task

Adjust the content shown on the digital signage totem to the expected tastes of the visitor who is in front of the device, to increase the engagement.


Analysis of audience demographics and interaction with the software that controls the digital signage totem.


  • Increased visibility and presence on the market while restraining costs
  • Better engagement of the public to whom "made-to-measure" products are presented
  • Possibility to purchase online on the customer's official store through personal devices of the public
  • Analysis of the public's reactions to the products shown on the digital signage totem

Business opportunities

Increased presence and visibility, with the possibility of increased engagement thanks to the customization of the contents shown, without losing the possibility of sales thanks to the integration of conversion systems through the personal devices of the visitor.


Totems installed: 8
Weekly visitor average: 18000
Cost reduction related to opening a store: 94%

Additional features:
  • Data on the appreciation of advertising campaigns and individual products
  • Predisposition for an investment in gamification

A company that deals with retail stores has decided to increase its visibility and presence on the market through the purchase of spaces for digital signage totems inside an airport.
He then decided not to operate an arid general advertising campaign, but to customize the contents of the totems by analyzing the demographics of the visitor who is in front of the device itself.
It was also decided to add the possibility to send the visitor the specifications to buy on the official store the product he was seeing on the screen, so as to increase the conversion rate.
Thanks to the data obtained, it is also possible to analyze the trend of advertising campaigns promoted by the company and also the reaction to individual products, collecting anonymous data on the facial expressions of visitors, without invading their privacy.
A possible investment in gamification has also been prepared in the development phase.
Thanks to this solution, the client was able to obtain a large number of visitors and consequently increased his presence on the market at a much lower expense.

More information

For more information on the application of BS4 technologies for customized digital signage, contact us or visit the dedicated page.