BS4 Retail

Improve customer experience in the subsidiary


An important banking group that has decided to make an investment to improve the consumer experience in the branch, even beyond the services offered by the bank.

Critical task

Analyze if the investment is profitable, i.e. if the space used has sufficient economic return, therefore if the space is used by customers and if it brings customers to the subsidiary.


Analysis of the periodic occupation of the spaces and time spent in the bank, before and after the investment.
BS4 Technology used: Intelligent People Counter - IPC People Counter


  • Collection of occupation data for the designated area to improve the customer experience
  • Evaluation of the Return on Investment of the consequent resizing of the other areas of the subsidiary
  • Collection and analysis of data on the different inflow before and after the investment
  • Evaluation of the conversion rate of the investment in customer experience

Business opportunities

Investing in the improvement of customer experience within the branch to increase profits and the number of customers.
Monitor the performance of the investment and the rate of Return on Investment.


Area size: about 40 square meters Activity time: 24 months - still in operation Increase in the number of visitors: 16%

Additional features:
  • Collection of statistical data on the most frequent daily, weekly and monthly periods
  • Analysis of the difference in the number of inputs between before and after the investment
  • Integration with data on branch performance
  • Knowledge of the average customer most attracted to the initiative

An important banking group decided to invest part of a subsidiary space to improve the customer experience in the bank itself.
In particular: an area was dedicated to the creation of a shared working space open to all in which a free wifi connection is available and free coffee for everyone, including those who are not current account holders in the same group.
Thanks to this strategy, the branch has tried to strengthen its reputation and attract new customers.
Thanks to the use of BS4 technologies it was possible to provide the customer with information to evaluate the return on investment, also in relation to the performance of the subsidiary in the previous year.
The data indicate that the resizing of the subsidiary for the investment in customer experience is having a very positive effect.
Thanks to the data collected it was also possible to better know the average profile of the customers most attracted to the initiative.

More information

An effective alternative to improve the customer experience is to use totems of customized digital signage, using the ISA - Interactive Shopping Assistant.
For more information on the application of BS4 technologies to improve consumer experience, contact us or visit the dedicated page.