BS4 Retail

Aware listing of commercial spaces


Owner of a large, heavily frequented commercial area that needs to revisit and quote individual spaces on the occasion of periodic contract renewals.

Critical task

Have an estimate supported by conclusive data on the listing of the different commercial spaces inside the shopping center.


Analysis of the route maps of passers-bys within the commercial area, of the heatmaps and the occupation of the individual areas.
BS4 Technology used: Intelligent People Counter - IPC People Counter


  • Awareness of potentially more profitable areas
  • Listing of commercial spaces based on real data on profitability
  • Evaluation of the causes of a different yield of the various commercial spaces
  • Best positioning of information totems in the commercial area

Business opportunities

Optimize rental rates for commercial spaces, thus increasing earnings.


Area size: more than 60000 square meters
Number of commercial spaces: 192
Number of weekly visitors: 87000

Additional features:
  • Collection of statistical data on the most visited areas
  • Collection of statistical data on the most visited commercial spaces
  • Collection of statistical data on the periods of greatest occupation
  • Knowledge of the gravitational centers of the area and why they are attractive

Approaching the expiration of many contracts for the rental of commercial spaces within the area, the owner of a large shopping center has decided to reevaluate the prices of its spaces on the basis of precise data on the attendance of individual areas.
Thanks to BS4 technologies, it has been possible to have route maps showing where customers usually head and heatmaps, ie maps showing hot spots (more frequented) and cold spots (less frequented) of the commercial area.
Despite the size of the area and the large number of visitors, it was possible to provide the customer with the requested data, which was then integrated with the sales statistics to analyze the return on investment rate of the individual commercial spaces, to determine a rate that was as profitable as possible.
It was also possible to estimate the motivations behind the position of some hotspots, such as the proximity to a shop that proved particularly attractive, for which a motivated decision was made on the price of the rent in relation to that of the surrounding spaces.
Thanks to this data, the customer has also been able to reposition the digital signage totems to make them more identifiable.

More information

For more information on the application of BS4 technologies in commercial spaces, contact us or visit the dedicated page.