BS4 Retail

Optimize opening hours


Famous fashion brand that wants to improve the performance of various stores to increase profits.

Critical task

Understand the times when there are more customers and potential customers, or people passing in front of the window.


Analysis of external steps, periodic occupation of the store and conversion rate between passages and entrances.
BS4 Technology used: Intelligent People Counter - IPC People Counter


  • Evaluation of the moments in which the store is most visited
  • Collection and analysis of data on the number of passers-by outside the store and their behavior
  • Evaluation of the conversion rate of external passages and entrances
  • Optimization of opening hours and staff work

Business opportunities

Optimize shifts and the number of employees to spend less and earn more.


Number of stores covered: 12 in Europe
Number of devices for each store: 2 external, 1 internal
Decrease of total working hours: 11%
Increase in profits: 8%

A famous fashion brand has decided to redefine the opening hours of some of its stores to reduce the cost of the workforce without losing profits.
To do this, a cross-analysis of steps outside the store and entrances was proposed.
Through the use of two external devices it was possible to count the number of people who passed out of the store and analyze their behavior.
This allowed, for example, to discover that a good number of people pass by the Zurich store between 12 and 13, but very few look at the window and almost no one enters: it was therefore decided to change the working hours including a break in that time frame.
In the Milan store instead, on the basis of the data collected, it was possible to increase profits simply by delaying the store opening and closing by one hour.

More information

For more information on the application of BS4 technologies to improve stores performances, contact us or visit the dedicated page.