BS4 Retail

A Business Intelligence system


A famous chain of clothing stores that will open a new flagship store and close two standard stores at the same time.

Critical task

Acquire and analyze data in order to provide the customer with a Business Intelligence system to see the trend of the stores and identify the two less profitable ones.


Creation and customization of a Business Intelligence platform for the analysis of statistical data acquired by BS4 sensors that provides the possibility to cross them with other customer data sources, such as receipts, social media, weather, rental costs and management of individual stores.
Supporting the client by BS4 data analysts for the months required for the survey, for the identification of KPIs and training for the use of the BI platform.
BS4 Technology used: Intelligent People Counter - IPC People Counter.


  • All-in-one solution to provide the customer with all the necessary data
  • Constant monitoring of the sites even after the conclusion of the analysis

Business opportunities

Improvement of the general profit of the company through the conscious downsizing of the number of stores, based on different conversion rates (passages / entrances, inputs / sales, square footage / sales), on the rent, on the amount of receipts and on average spending, on total income in the different periods of the year and on the trend during the promotional campaigns.


Monitored points of sale: 13
Duration of the analysis: 18 - still in progress
Number of BS4 personnel supported by the client (analysts, developers, etc.): 5
Monthly support hours (training and data analysis support): 32
Additional features: Ability to view data on the progress of automated stores

A famous chain of shops has planned an investment to open a new store in an expensive but potentially profitable square.
For this reason he decided to downsize the number of stores by closing two.
Thanks to the BS4 technologies and all-in-one solution, it was possible to bring together a team of Business Intelligence and create a model for big data analysis, on the data obtained from the devices, combined with those provided by the customer himself.
The customer was also provided the necessary training to use the BI platform and was supported for 4 days a month by BS4 analysts.
Through the examination of the model obtained, it has been possible to reduce the awareness by which the company has obtained a good increase in profit.
The system was then maintained for the analysis of the KPIs of the individual stores and the constant monitoring of the offices in support of the decision-making process.

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