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Monitoring of advertising campaigns


A car production company that has decided to have precise data on the trend of advertising campaigns on social networks and with traditional advertising for their new car model, analyzing the statistics relative to visits to its main dealerships in Italy.

Critical task

Provide accurate data on visits to dealerships before and after the advertising campaign, also in relation to the most interesting cars for visitors, with accurate and uncontaminated data.


Analysis of the entrances starting 180 days before the launch of the new model, "cleaning" of data on the basis of age and grouping of visitors, detection of the number of visitors who boarded the various cars and time spent on the seat.
BS4 Technology used: Intelligent People Counter - IPC People Counter.


  • Precise data on the progress of advertising campaigns
  • Knowledge of the most interesting car models
  • Analysis of the KPIs of the single concessionaire
  • Predictive analysis on which to base future advertising investments

Business opportunities

Precise and uncontaminated statistics on the progress of advertising campaigns, analysis of data on visits to find out models which interest visitors the most, analysis of the performance of the covered dealerships.
Ability to undertake conscious advertising investments, justified by a predictive analysis based on data from the previous year.


Concessionaires covered in Italy: 30
Increase of weekly visitors after launch: + 27.2%
Total monitored cars: 98

A car company, on the occasion of the launch of its new car model in September 2018, decided to obtain precise data on the number of visitors of its dealerships following the advertising campaign undertaken to present the new model.
To achieve this result it was decided to equip its 30 major dealers in Italy with BS4 technology.
To obtain the necessary data, the sensors were installed 180 days before the launch of the car and of the related advertising campaign.
In this way it was possible to collect sufficient data to establish the general trend of the dealerships outside the promotion campaigns.
The data collected are accurate and not contaminated, as the visitors who are not customers, such as children, are excluded from the calculation.
The distribution in groups is also analyzed, because often, for the automotive sector, a family group of three people is one single customer and not three.
Once the advertising campaign has started, the data collected start providing information on the performance of the dealership.
In addition to the intelligent calculation of inputs, it was also decided to mount sensors on individual cars to analyze the interest of visitors to specific models.
The customer then decided to keep the devices to analyze the KPIs of their dealerships and in anticipation of a new analysis for the launch of the new model in 2019.

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