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What IPC is

IPC People counter for shops and shopping centers

Measuring people's access in a defined area is a crucial parameter for determining the value of a communication campaign, the attractiveness of a store / shopping area, or the options to be assessed before directing their decisions.
The areas of business that can adopt people counting sensors are numerous, from the Retail world where to measure the flow of people to analyze the use of shops to the world of tourism where cruise companies can measure the movement of people on ships.

Measuring people's access by time slot within Banks or Shopping Centers allows gathering a volume of information essential for managing the presence of sales staff or customer support.

To define the progress of a project it is necessary to have control of all the numbers that make up the trend.
IPC People counter for shops and shopping centers
IPC (Intelligent People Counter) is an integrated solution with a single goal:
  • detect entries and movements of people within a given area
  • provide an accurate evaluation of their group identity and of their activities carried out


  • Custom sensors
  • Real-time processing software
  • Business software
  • Reporting and analytics
IPC is the first solution of certified counting in Europe according to the new provisions on Data Protection