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People counter for shops and shopping centers

Measuring people's access in a defined area is a crucial parameter for determining the value of a communication campaign, the attractiveness of a store / shopping area, or the options to be assessed before directing their decisions.
The areas of business that can adopt people counting sensors are numerous, from the Retail world where to measure the flow of people to analyze the use of shops to the world of tourism where cruise companies can measure the movement of people on ships.

Measuring people's access by time slot within Banks or Shopping Centers allows gathering a volume of information essential for managing the presence of sales staff or customer support.

To define the progress of a project it is necessary to have control of all the numbers that make up the trend.
IPC People counter for shops and shopping centers

The value of the people counting and the importance of the numbers

The combination of social evolution and technological trends accelerates the feedback cycle of customer expectations. We need numbers and data in real time to find new ways to engage customers. Measuring people's accesses and measuring customers' movements are actions that allow us to obtain important data and information for marketing.

The importance of people counting

Digital transformation is a process that is radically changing the habits of the customer, expectations are very high today especially as regards the service and availability of products and solutions of the reference market.

The trends of this change can be summarized as follows:

  • From products / services to experiences,
  • From standardization to customization,
  • Ds ownership at access.

Who uses the person counter

The people counters can be used in many situations in shops, shopping malls, museums, banks, car dealers, airports, railway stations, casinos, cruise ships and to handle the flow of fairs and big events.
Knowing how many customers enter a public area defined every day can be decisive for deciding the staff to be used, whether and how to change and adjust the opening / closing times, to check the influx of people following marketing actions, to compare the performance of several stores in the same chain.

Imagine the importance of a person counter for a car showroom, in which an automotive company wants to determine the type of its customers with the purpose to distribute the models of cars to be exhibited according to the customers who live in the area. The changes in the digital transformation of the market are useful to create new "experiences" of purchase for its customers.
IPC is the first counting solution certified in Europe according to the new provisions on Data Protection