BS4 Retail


The value of the people counting and the importance of the numbers

The combination of social evolution and technological trends accelerates the feedback cycle of customer expectations. We need numbers and data in real time to find new ways to engage customers. Measuring people's accesses and measuring customers' movements are actions that allow us to obtain important data and information for marketing.
IPC is an integrated solution that provides:

A unique solution to analyze all areas of interest

  • Precise number counting and estimation of the visitor type (customer flow analysis)
  • Calculation of the attention span (heatmaps, interest analysis)
  • Traffic tracking (routes, areas of concentration, permanence, etc.)
  • Customer interaction (improvement of the shopping experience)

Real knowledge

  • Employees and suppliers are excluded from the data collected
  • Detection/filtering of repeated item appraisal for even more reliable data
  • Real measurement of attention time: no interruption of the measured time (no double counting) in the event of short interruptions of customer contact

Further advantages of the IPC system

Quick and easy to integrate with other applications and data such as digital signage or cash registers
Quick to install, easy to adapt to the shop design, easy to expand (additional measurement points)
Proprietary solution easy to customize, issuing new releases and features